Range & SGA Update

Range and Short Game Area Update

The poor weather during the last few months has unfortunately delayed the recommencement of
work on the main range. As the weather now improves our contractors will soon be starting the shaping of the soil on the main range outfield. We have had several meetings with Booths to agree timescales. Following site inspections work in planned to start in early May.

The initial earth movement and shaping is scheduled to take 8-12 weeks depending upon soil and weather conditions. The finishing work including installing the drainage system will commence immediately after that. This work is scheduled for 6-8 weeks. The ground will then be seeded followed by a grow-in period. Tree planting and the final environmental requirements of the range development will take place in the Autumn.

The outdoor bays and grass tee area will be constructed once the main contractors are off site - later
this year in readiness for opening.

Due to the weather delays the re-opening of the main range will now be 2025.

The short game area is progressing well and is on schedule for opening this summer. The green and
surrounds are developing nicely and once Richie gives the green light we will bring this facility into play for members.

*Richard Baird
Project Manager