Rules/ Handicaps

I hope everyone is getting up to speed with the changes to WHS brought in in April. As mentioned, the added complexities introduced very much pushes you to having to just trust the system. However, if anyone still has questions, I will do my best to answer them.

A reminder that we have now removed all yellow hazard markers and all hazards are now red. This gives you one more relief option than was available from a yellow hazard - the options are - all with a one shot penalty:

1. Replay your shot.
2. Go back as far as you want from where your ball crossed the hazard, keeping this point in line with the flag and drop.
3. Drop within 2 club lengths not nearer the hole.

I would like to remind all members, not just new members without a handicap, that all scores for an initial handicap must be pre-registered and the score verified by someone with a valid WHS handicap. This is best done via the MyEG app. If you are asked to mark a card for new member, please remind them of this as I am still being sent hard copy cards by some new members which cannot be accepted.

Finally, something players often get wrong:

MYTH: A golfer who is off the green must play a shot before a golfer who is on the green.

FACT: The player farthest from the hole, regardless of position, is always entitled to play first. So, if a golfer has 50-foot putt while another golfer is facing a 5-yard chip, the golfer on the green is entitled to play first. Note, there is no penalty for playing out of order. However, in match play, you can be made to replay your shot by your opponent if you don't wait your turn.

Please note the last part as we enter KO season!

Steve Kelly
Handicap Secretary